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Warming up your Connectors before the 1st intro
Warming up your Connectors before the 1st intro
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So you've just onboarded Hifive and are ready to request intros from your most trusted Connectors.

Before jumping the gun, send an email to your Connectors to:

  1. Get their consent that they are willing to help with intros

  2. Mention that you are using Hifive to operationalize and simply the introduction process

Below is a sample email you can send to your Connectors to familiarize themselves with using Hifive.

Hi <Connector first name>,

I hope you have been well!

As you know, we view you as an extension of our team. Over the coming months, we intend on ramping up [sales, fundraising, hiring, and partnerships], and would love to leverage your network if you are open to it.

Open to providing introductions for us?

We are using this fantastic new tool called Hifive to make fulfilling intros much easier.

One of the selling factors for us is that you, as the Connector, don't have to sign-up for anything. That being said, there is no action you need to take on your side.

Hifive has a Chrome extension that allows us to request introductions via your network on LinkedIn. The requests will land in your inbox as an email.


<Your name>

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