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Getting Hifive adoption
Pre-launch communication examples for your team
Pre-launch communication examples for your team
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In the modern workforce, we are inundated with tools. And now, here we are about to roll out another tool. Feel confident knowing you want employees to use Hifive for a good reason. This reason is what needs to be communicated with employees before launch.

This document will be helpful to you with that communication. It contains messaging other companies have used to launch Hifive successfully.

  • Feel free to copy the examples below and customize them to fit your needs

  • Share your announcement via email, slack, or in a company-wide stand up

  • Have your announcement come from an executive team member who is invested in Hifive

The above steps will contribute to the healthy adoption of Hifive.

Example 1: Speaks to early adopters having success using Hifive previously and now being ready to roll out company-wide. Touches on the chrome extension, managing introductions and in-app connections. Provides POC contact info and general next steps.

Team! I am excited to launch a new employee feedback and communication tool, Hifive!

Team members have been engaged as early adopters of Hifive for the past few months. The feedback has been very positive so far.

What is Hifive?

  • Hifive is a platform that will help you leverage the power of relationships in an operationalized and scalable way. Generate introductions for sales, hiring, fundraising, and partnerships.

Key features include:

  • Chrome extension: gone are the days of countless hours requesting introductions on LinkedIn; with Hifive, you can request introductions through the extension in a couple of clicks.

  • Intro management: with Hifive, you can easily manage all your introductions in one place—unstuck introductions with reminders.

  • Templates and AI Assist: Leverage AI-powered templates to effortlessly craft personalized messages and introduction requests for more engaging outreach.

  • In-app connections: by connecting with others inside the Hifive app, you can uncover relationships and request introductions to the people you want to meet most.

Please be sure to look for more specific instructions on when training will happen and the next steps in the next couple of weeks.

[Champion first and last name] will lead this initiative and are excited about the potential to increase lead flow and accelerate deals through relationships!


[your name]

Example 2: We are investing in the growth of our people by using Hifive! Touches on ease of use, validated by early adopters, next steps, and is honest about the struggles w/ adopting a new tool.

Hi Team,

We have been investigating ways to continue investing in increasing our GTM strategy's efficiency.

At the last [meeting /all hands], those of you will recall that we touched on a new relationship platform called Hifive. We’re excited to announce that we will utilize Hifive company-wide as a tool to leverage “relationship-led growth” as a strategy. Hifive provides a platform where you can tap into trusted relationships on LinkedIn or in-app to unlock introductions to increase sales, hiring, fundraising, and partnerships in an operationalized way.

The Hifive tool will also provide us with complete visibility into the ROI of “relationship-led growth”. We believe this channel will help the team reach goals faster.

The team and a few employees across the business were early adopters of the system. Their feedback has been fantastic. I have found it’s easy to use and a great way to leverage the power of relationships in every sales cycle.

[date] you will receive an email from Hifive inviting you to join & I strongly encourage you to look around the platform, download the Chrome extension, and start to experience what it is all about.

Over the coming weeks, the [team name] will guide you toward successfully utilizing the platform. Also, Hifive offers platform training. We encourage you to attend.

Sometimes getting into a new habit can be challenging, so to help you get into the rhythm, Hifive will be reporting back regularly on our top users.

We are all really excited about what this will bring to the business moving forward, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!


[your name]

Example 3: Uncover relationships, operationalize introductions, and track and measure success

Hifive is a platform designed to help our team reach our sales, hiring, fundraising, and partnership goals through relationships and introductions. Without Hifive, it can be a challenging and high effort to uncover valuable relationships, request introductions, and measure outcomes using LinkedIn for introductions.

With Hifive, you can:

- Save time requesting introductions: gone are the days of sending eight back-and-forth InMails or emails for introductions. The Hifive chrome extension and in-app request intro features operationalize the entire introduction process.

- Uncover the most valuable relationships: connect 1:1 with partners, execs, peers, and customers to mutually share contacts with that you can request introductions.

- Manage all introductions: The Hifive inbox will help you track and manage all introductions in one place.

How will this work?

  • You will receive an invite to join Hifive; familiarize yourself with the app.

  • Make sure you download the chrome extension as well.

  • Send your first introduction request.

  • Follow Hifive’s best practices outlined in the support documentation.

What’s next?

We require 100% participation. Hifive will call out top users and success stories. Also, Hifive offers platform training. We encourage you to attend.


If you have questions, please send a message in [slack, teams, email, etc].


[your name]

Example 4: Speaks honestly about introducing new software and the benefits of Hifive. Speaks to baby steps in rolling out Hifive.

Hi Team,

Next [date], we will begin using a new piece of software called Hifive. At a glance, Hifive is a relationship platform that will help the GTM team with lead generation and deal acceleration through the power of relationships and introductions.

I understand that it may seem daunting for the company to introduce yet another software for you to use regularly. However, this software is dedicated entirely to you! This software's goal is to help you save time and energy when you’re looking to leverage key relationships in your outreach and in your deals. As a benefit, Hifive’s chrome extension will meet you where you live – on LinkedIn.

The software has valuable features, such as introduction management, in-app connections, and a chrome extension. However, the first focus will be on using Hifive’s chrome extension. The main benefit will be that you can now easily request, track, and manage all referrals/ introductions, using one platform. The automation and workflows should help you uncover referral opportunities much faster.

If you have any questions before [launch date], please let me know! We are very excited to utilize Hifive to increase our GTM efficiency and unlock this new relationship–led growth channel.

Thank You,

[your name]

Example 5: Reflecting on usage so far (after launch)

Hi Team,

I wanted to share some additional color on our recent launch of Hifive. Unlocking new GTM channels to increase efficiency as a team has been something that has been top of mind for me for a while. It’s something that I’ve heard from our people time and time again since I’ve been with the company.

Adding a new tool to your daily routine takes some time to get used to. I’ve been using Hifive with some team members, and I’ve already seen how relationship-led sales can unlock new opportunities and deal acceleration. I also love the ability to track and manage all introductions in one place to ensure that nothing ever slips through the cracks.

I expect all users at [company] to use this tool daily. Hifive can provide reporting so we can collect data on our usage and engagement. We can see who has logged in, who hasn’t, which managers are engaging, and those that aren’t.

Since our full rollout [NUMBER] weeks ago, we are at an average of [#] people who have requested introductions in Hifive, with [#] people active. This represents [X%] participation across [company name]. It’s a good start, but we want this number to continue to increase. For those who haven’t yet engaged on Hifive, I ask you to please make it a priority moving forward.

If you have any questions or concerns about Hifive I will encourage you to reach out to [Hifive admin’s name].


[your name]

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